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Islomova Jamila Madismonovna

Director of the center for professional development and retraining of personnel

candidate of philological sciences, associate professor

Tel: ( +992) 939772242

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In February 2021, the Department of Science and Innovation's "Center for Professional Development and Retraining of Personnel" reopened in accordance with the University Board's directives. According to the rector's decision of February 22, 2021, the law department instructor M.M. Azimov was designated as the center's head in order to guarantee the center's efficient functioning. The license of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan to conduct educational activities is granted by the AU series No. 0002539 under the number 3149, and the appendix of Determining Standards and Control of the Educational Process in the Education Sector covers higher vocational education, post-secondary vocational education, and additional education by direction (specialty). These documents are relevant to the center for professional development and retraining of personnel.

It should be mentioned that the vice rector of the university for science accepted the 12-day, 1-month, and 3-month educational plans for the 13 specializations. Furthermore, the proposed schedule for the registration of the faculty and staff list for the purpose of mobilizing professional development and retraining courses for the years 2021–2025 was created in compliance with the suggestion of the department heads and faculty directorate, and it was authorized by the university rector for each academic term;

For teachers working in primary, secondary, and post-secondary education institutions, the Center for Professional Development and Retraining of Personnel from 13 Specialties (Pedagogy, Psychology, Tajik Philology, English Language, Romanian and German Languages, History, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Technology, Information Technology) provides professional development and retraining opportunities.

The Center for Professional Development and Retraining of University Personnel plans the following activities in order to further improve the organization and conduct of courses:

- transition to a new professional development system;

- introduction of a modular and credit system of professional development and retraining;

- use of alternative educational programs according to the demand and level of preparation of the audience;

- adapting the content and content of professional development to the requirements of modern times;

- gradual transition to the intermediate form of professional development;

- development of competitive forms of professional development in order to ensure quality education;

- expansion of scientific and research activities in order to find effective ways to increase the professional skills of education workers;

- adaptation of the content of professional development to the standards and new technology of education for timely implementation

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