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Training and professional development center of Tajik State Pedagogical University named after Sadriddin Aini

The training and professional development center of the State Pedagogical University of Tajikistan named after Sadriddin Ainy is a structural unit of the educational department and is aimed at strengthening the theoretical knowledge acquired by students in the process of study and acquired practical skills in the chosen profession.

The center operates in accordance with the Pedagogical Training Regulations of Higher Vocational Education Institutions of the Republic of Tajikistan (approved by the decision of the Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan dated 28.01.2017 No. 1/16). To achieve the goal within the framework of its activities, the Center performs the following tasks:

- formation of the correct scientific and ideological outlook of students, mastering common types of ideological education activities;

- ensuring the professional qualities of the future teacher and the personal qualities of a specialist that meet the needs of society;

- education of students' love and respect for the teaching profession; implementation of practical activities of students, formation of professional skills and abilities, which are considered the basis of good organization of educational and educational activities, including methods of education and training;

- in practice, establishing and strengthening the connection of theoretical subjects that students have acquired during the study of social, specialized and psychology subjects and teaching;

- familiarizing students with the state of educational and educational work in educational and educational institutions and guiding students in solving educational and educational issues;

- establishment of cooperation between students and students, study of their age and individual characteristics;

- development of a creative and research approach to teaching activities, acquisition of analytical skills, results of one's own work, development of requirements for self-study.

The purpose of the internship

Organization and improvement of students' professional skills based on the study of work experience of the activity of the institution, school, school activities, organization, enterprise, skills development in the independent work of future specialists, in certain teaching conditions.

Organizing and conducting internships, internship content, individual tasks, internship report requirements, internship summary.

The type and duration of the internship is determined by the educational standards, educational plans, and is processed and determined by the departments with the internship programs. The training center has signed a cooperation agreement with more than 28 general secondary education institutions, 2 pre-school educational institutions and 2 colleges in the districts of Dushanbe city and other production enterprises and offices in order to strengthen the training activities of young professionals.


The list of documents on the activity of the student's educational internship

1. Agenda (with the seal and signature of the department of education and the directorate of the faculty)

2. Referral from the Training and Professional Development Center

3. Internship work program by specialty

4. Description from the institution where the student has completed internship

5. Internship report


List of documents on student teaching practice


1. Agenda (with the seal and signature of the department of education and the directorate of the faculty)

2. Calendar plan

3. Educational work plan

4. Plan-summary of the educational lesson

5. Plan - summary of a one-hour lesson

6. Office for the analysis of educational activities

7. Psychological-pedagogical description for a student or class group

8. Visual aids

9. Description of the management of the institution to the teaching activity of the intern

10. Report

11. Analysis of one hour lesson

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